Green and blue Scottish woven English umbrella

This is the authentic walking stick umbrella with the Fox assembly type. This umbrella made of a single piece of wood has a dual-use because you can use it as a walking stick or you can use it to protect you against rain. It ensures an extreme wind resistance thanks to its carbon fiber ribs. A wonderful, very elegant and rustic umbrella with a choice of several choice of wood species. It is adapted to the height of the person in order to make walking as pleasant as possible. It has a polyester taffeta woven fabric and a tartan pattern with navy blue and green squares it will bring an original and elegant touch to your clothes.


This umbrella is available in different types of wood to choose from. (To see the woodland guide)

We adapt your umbrella to your height to make walking as pleasant as possible.


Diameter 102cm
Type of ribs 8 Carbon fiber ribs
Type of wood Chestnut wood, Chestnut wood with root, Congo wood, Hazel wood
Type of runner and top notch Brass
Type of fabric 100% Polyester taffeta
Type of ferrule Brass
Type of opening Manual